Morgan Solar has reinvented solar technology

We’ve developed the revolutionary Sun Simba™ solar module*, a new form of CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic*) technology that will soon transform the solar energy industry. Morgan Solar Inc.’s Sun Simba is highly efficient and low cost. It’s a unique, fully integrated CPV module that’s ultra-thin and lightweight. It’s easily scaled from modest 10 kW to huge multi-megawatt projects.

The groundbreaking technology at the heart of Sun Simba is our unique, patented LSO Light-guide Solar Optic™. As well, our innovative Savanna™ solar tracking system is optimized for Sun Simba. It’s robust, lightweight, and easy to install, taking full advantage of our solar module’s light weight and thin profile.

With Sun Simba, Morgan Solar has a clear path to achieving grid parity* across utility-scale markets. This means solar technology can rival long-established, legacy energy sources for the first time, but with a much smaller environmental footprint. Sun Simba is game-changing optical technology, concentrating sunlight with unrivaled efficiency levels + cost efficiency.