Media Release: Announcing Savanna Solar Tracker

Morgan Solar Inc. Announces a Turnkey Sun Simba CPV System With Drop-In-Place Savanna Solar Tracker

TORONTO, Ontario – September 8, 2011 – Morgan Solar Inc. today announced its patent-pending Savanna™ tracker, a lightweight, self-ballasted sun tracking system optimized for the company’s groundbreaking Sun Simba™ CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) module. Savanna installs without concrete, cranes, or other heavy machinery – defining the next generation of extremely robust, low cost dual-axis tracking.

“The Sun Simba™ module’s ultra-thin profile enabled us to take an entirely different approach to tracking,” said Asif Ansari, Morgan Solar’s CEO. “If the target is grid-parity* without subsidies, it is simply not enough for system providers to reduce the cost of solar panels and declare victory. Bringing down the balance of system, installation, and development costs – which now represent a significant portion of PV and CPV installed costs – is critical. Rather than design for enormous trackers that require heavy concrete foundations and expensive drives, Morgan Solar developed an innovative, human-scale, lightweight tracker design that packs tightly for shipment. Designed to minimize civil construction, the Savanna can be assembled rapidly by a team of unskilled workers with simple hand tools – no heavy equipment needed.”

Savanna™ trackers are now being deployed at test and demonstration sites in Ontario and California. The turnkey Sun Simba™ system with Savanna tracker will be displayed by Morgan Solar’s Ontario distributor, Bright Ray Solar*, at the Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario from September 13-15. Bright Ray is a Guelph-based solar energy distribution company providing lowest cost, turnkey microFIT and FIT solutions for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Delivering one of the solar industry’s highest energy yields per acre, Savanna™ will be sold as part of Morgan Solar’s turnkey solar generation product, a next generation, mass-manufactured technology that will help achieve the company’s goal of making solar energy the most widely used and affordable power source in the world.

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