About Sun Simba


The Sun Simba™ CPV system: The next generation in solar energy technology.

With the low cost, injection-moulded Light-guide Solar Optic (LSO) as its building block, we’ve developed a lightweight, low cost solar module that achieves over 29% active-area efficiency. Deployed with our proprietary, drop-in-place Savanna™ tracker, the Sun Simba™ CPV system represents a leap forward in solar technology, in terms of cost, performance and ease of implementation.

  • Highest energy yield.

    The Sun Simba™ delivers the highest kWh/ kW installed in moderate to high DNI environments – due to its high efficiencies, sun-tracking, and better performance in high heat.

  • Lowest cost of electricity generation.

    Engineered for high performance, and unprecedented low costs across its entire lifecycle – from manufacturing, shipping, installation, to O&M – Sun Simba™ projects will compete favourably with other solar energy technologies, and conventional generation sources, on LCOE, kWh per kW installed, kWh per acre or any other performance metric; fundamentally, the Sun Simba™ delivers higher performance, at lower costs.

  • Competitive cost per Watt.

    Sun Simba™ modules are built with commodity materials, and – at approximately the same thickness as a silicon PV module – less materials per Watt peak. They do not require breathing systems, and utilize an integrated heat dissipation method, simple manufacturing methods and high packing density for transportation. The result is a high-efficiency module with an extremely competitive upfront cost to silicon PV.

  • Lowest land intensity.

    The high power-density Sun Simba™ is deployed on Morgan Solar’s field-optimized Savanna™ dual-axis tracker and integrated with the most advanced BOS components and real-time monitoring tools. The result is a highly modular, cost-optimized turnkey energy solution, delivering industry-leading megawatts/ acre.

Sun Simba Applications – Clean, distributed power where it’s needed the most.

The Sun Simba™ CPV system is optimized for large-scale, ground-mounted applications. However, the modularity of the Savanna™ tracker means it is elegantly scaled, starting from small installations in the 10 kW range.

The Sun Simba™ CPV system will offer the versatility and unique deployment opportunities of our patent-pending tracking platform, while offering the industry’s highest energy yields in hot, dry environments globally. As an optical system, the Sun Simba™ accepts the direct-beam portion of incident sunlight (Direct Normal Irradiance, or DNI) – of which higher proportions are typically found in hot, dry climates. Dependent also on electricity market factors, in general the Sun Simba™ will offer a lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) than any other PV technology in environments with DNI levels over 5.5 kWh/ square metre/ day. See the DNI map below for optimal areas for Sun Simba™ deployment:


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