Sun Simba Advantages


A more powerful Photovoltaic cell.

The Sun Simba™ leverages the latest in high-performance triple-junction (III-V) Photovoltaic cells. Our cells are made of entirely different semiconductor materials than Silicon solar cells, and accept a wider range of the solar spectrum.

  • Less PV material. At each optic's centre is a tiny sliver (5 mm²) of III-V cell - concentration allows us to use significantly less (about 1/500th) the area of costly PV material.
  • Leading cell efficiencies. Our III-V cells are >40% efficient – over double the efficiency of Silicon PV (Si-PV) cells. With the theoretical efficiency of III-V cells at >60%, the Sun Simba™ is a platform to harness the power of further advancements in cell technology. The Sun Simba™ will always function at-or-near the cutting-edge.
  • Less thermal derate. III-V cells also experience 1/10th the thermal degradation of Si-PV, meaning power stays more consistent, even in demanding environments.

Light-guiding optics - an entirely new way to concentrate sunlight.

Our patented Light-guide Solar Optic (LSO) is the first to concentrate sunlight in a planar direction, elegantly sidestepping the cost, materials, and complexity associated with CPV solar modules based on depth-of-focus lenses, mirrors, or prisms.

  • Low cost materials. The LSO is built primarily of acrylic and glass – global commodity materials that feed into numerous industries – our materials experience less price fluctuations. And, as we grow, our demand is unlikely to push up their costs.
  • Well-established manufacturing. Our optics are made using off-the-shelf injection-molding equipment and proven assembly processes. As a result, we can ramp up production more quickly, and at less cost, than any other solar PV technology.
  • Direct coupling of optics and III-V cells. Optics are physically attached to the III-V cells, with no air cavities in between, preventing optical misalignment from expansion or contraction of the optics.

A high-performance CPV module the same size and thickness as standard silicon PV.

Built of an array of LSOs, the Sun Simba™ module achieves industry-leading efficiencies in the lowest cost, most lightweight and robust form to date. The result: a high-performance CPV module that is priced competitively with conventional silicon PV panels.

  • Thin and lightweight. The LSO enables a panel approximately the same thickness and weight as a silicon PV panel. Its form factor enables deployment with standard BOS components
  • Monolithic. A solid module with no interior air spaces eliminates moisture and dust ingress.
  • No breathing system. No breathing or air filtration systems required, a costly component and potential failure mode for conventional CPV modules.
  • Superior thermal management. The Sun Simba™ is 100% passively cooled - our optics filter unwanted wavelengths, and our module design prevents heat from being trapped, allowing heat to radiate from both sides of the panel. Stable cell temperatures are maintained in the most extreme heat conditions, without the need for any costly cooling system.
  • Less cleaning. Due to the much lower surface energy of the module’s acrylic surface.

System Advantages

Sun Simba™ CPV modules are deployed on Morgan Solar’s Savanna™ tracker for a 'drop-in-place', scalable and intelligent solar energy generation system.

  • Meets peak load demand. Tracking delivers higher, more constant yields during afternoon peak demand periods.
  • Simple, easy, low cost installation. No heavy lifting equipment required, and a fully manual install is possible.
  • Highly modular & scalable. Each Savanna™ tracking unit is a mass manufactured, repeatable building block, easily scaled to any project size.
  • Intelligent controls. No additional wires and conduit needed for control communications between Local Control Units on each tracker and the project’s Global Control Unit.
  • Extremely low O&M costs. Parts designed to operate without servicing for their 25+ years of expected life.
  • Deployable at remote locations with limited load-carrying roads.
  • A solution for reclaimed or contaminated land. No ground penetration of the tracker required.

Better Environmental Performance.

The Sun Simba™ will be a cost-effective way to integrate renewable into the energy mix and reach sustainability targets. Sun Simba™ reaches higher efficiencies with less material inputs, improving on many metrics of conventional solar PV technology.

Higher greenhouse gas emission offsets

In moderate to high DNI locations, Sun Simba™ CPV modules will generate over 30% more electricity per kW installed than equivalent-sized Silicon or Thin Film panels, offsetting that much more conventional generation.

>95% recyclable

Sun Simba™ panels feature high recycling recovery values at the end of their 25 year expected lifespans. Almost 100% of our panel materials, which include aluminum, acrylic, glass, copper wiring, and multi-junction cells, are recyclable. Sun Simba™ panels are non-toxic, they don’t react with water, and won’t contaminate manufacturing, installation, or disposal sites in any way.

Lower site footprint.

Sun Simba™ modules are mounted on our proprietary Savanna™ tracker for a self-ballasted system that is light on the land and allows for plenty of open space.

An off-grid or diesel replacement solution

Because of their low cost, reliability, and ease of installation, small to medium Sun Simba™ installations can be deployed at remote locations that have previously not been cost effective to grid connect, enabling more efficient local power generation at a reduced budget, or displacing the need for more polluting power sources such as gas or diesel generators.