Design & Install

Every component designed for quick install, simple O&M, and max on-sun panel time.

In order to build a solar tracker that was much simpler and lower cost across its entire lifecycle – to ship, install, operate, maintain, and eventually decommission – we had to design it a completely new way. We started with a quadrangular frame that required no foundation. We wanted our trackers to be able to be installed in the most remote, under-serviced areas of the world. As a result, our trackers can be set up manually with simple hand tools – and in most applications do not require concrete foundations. Cranes and other heavy lifting equipment are optional too – although we recommend the use of forklifts to help with moving trackers into place.  Click here to watch a two minute video that shows the entire Savanna™ tracker installation process (video 2m32s).

  • 1_savanna_design

    1. Uncrate and Unfold Box Frame:

    Packed tightly for shipment, the Savanna™ tracker frame is quickly uncrated and unfolded into a self-ballasted diamond-shaped boxframe. No holes to dig and no concrete foundations required.

  • 2_savanna_design

    2. Assemble the Box Frame:

    The pre-wired, assembled boxframe is bolted together and fixed in place using simple hand tools.

  • 3_savanna_design

    3. Mount the Tracking Armatures:

    Armatures are inserted by hand into a post at each corner.

  • 4_savanna_design

    4. Mount the PV Panels:

    Panel frames and PV panels are mounted onto each armature. Panel cables are connected via cables inside the tracker frame to the tracker’s Local Control Unit (LCU).

  • 5_savanna_design

    5. Populate the Field:

    Savanna™ is a simple, repeatable unit that is easily scaled. Additional boxframes are positioned parallel to existing trackers, with interconnecting members fastening frames into an array.

> The entire Savanna tracker can be set up by four installers in approximately 20-30 minutes.


Savanna™ Videos

The Savanna™ install video shows three trackers being set up in <45 minutes; the field time-lapse shows full-day operation of an array of trackers, and highlights our unique backtracking algorithm.


Savanna™ PV Specs

Download the Savanna™ Dual-Axis PV Tracker datasheet [Now available].