Our History

Morgan Solar Timeline

  • 2007 – Morgan Solar is founded by John Paul and Nicolas Morgan with an initial angel investment from their father, Eric Morgan.
  • 2008 – Diamond-turned prototype of the Sun Simba built, proving the basic concept of the Light-guide Solar Optic.
  • 2009 – Morgan Solar attracts $8.2 million in its Round A from a mix of venture capitalists and strategic investors, including Iberdrola S.A. and Nypro Inc. [with links to their websites]
  • 2009 – Sun Simba Gen 2 panels built – proves feasibility of injection moulded plastic build.
  • 2010 – In August, 2010, Asif Ansari, former CEO of Los Angeles based eSolar, Inc., took the position of Chief Executive Officer at Morgan Solar.
  • 2010 – Sun Simba redesigned into hexagonal shape to increase the active area + material effiency.
  • 2010 – In November, Morgan Solar is awarded the Canadian Energy Innovation Award for its pioneering cooperation with the University of Ottawa’s SUNLab. A panel of industry experts from the Ontario electricity sector selected the award winner (press release).
Asif Ansari, John Paul Morgan, & Nicolas Morgan

Asif Ansari, John Paul Morgan, & Nicolas Morgan

Morgan Solar Inc. was founded by John Paul Morgan on June 13, 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

John Paul is an optical scientist with a Masters degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto. He became committed to making solar power significantly less expensive while volunteering for Doctors Without Borders in the Congo. It was there that he saw the enormous potential for clean, affordable electricity to improve people’s lives. Returning to Canada in 2006, and using seed money from his father (Eric Morgan, CEO of Capgemini Spain and Latin America), John Paul began to work on prototyping a highly efficient, low-cost solar energy technology.

Once the technology was proven, John Paul’s brother Nicolas Morgan (at the time a senior manager for FON Technologies in Spain) helped to launch the business.

John Paul, the inventor and senior designer of Morgan Solar’s LSO Light-guide Solar Optical concentration technology, now acts as President and Chief Technology Officer. In 2008, Nicolas joined the company full-time as Vice-President, Business Development and Marketing. And the brothers have continued to receive ongoing support and business advice from their father Eric, who now acts as a Senior Advisor to the Board.

In October, 2010, Asif Ansari (former CEO of Los Angeles-based eSolar) joined Morgan Solar Inc. as its new Chief Executive Officer. Considered one of the most successful start-up CEOs in the solar energy world, he has founded dozens of successful companies.

Over the past four years, Morgan Solar has brought together world class management, engineers, optical scientists, and manufacturing experts. In 2009, a formal Board of Directors emerged with the closing of Round A of funding. We currently have over 50 full-time employees.