How It Works

The Light-guide Solar Optic (LSO) is the key innovation that makes Sun Simba™ possible. This unprecedented, patented, concentrating optic is an ultra-thin optical structure made from simple acrylic and glass components that internally traps and redirects sunlight. It concentrates this sunlight onto a tiny, high efficiency, PV cell attached at the optic’s centre.

Sun Simba™ is designed to capture and concentrate sunlight itself (instead of merely capturing the sun’s image like other technologies). This eliminates the need for the focal depth (and therefore the related bulky enclosures) typical of all other CPV systems. It means Sun Simba™ structures are thin, highly durable and versatile, and very cost-effective.

Sun Simba™ is a revolutionary concentrating solar PV module, built of simple, durable components, that converts sunlight to electricity at industry-leading efficiencies.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Sun Simba’s™ LSO vs. our competitors’ optics. Our LSO has a lower profile and uses less material than any other CPV concentrating system, with equivalent or better concentration factors and angular acceptance.

Figure 2
Figure 2: Sunlight striking the top of Sun Simba’s™ LSO is trapped and transported inside the optic to a high efficiency, multi-junction PV cell at the optic’s centre.

Sun Simba™ is a completely new concept in the field of low-cost CPV systems.