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Testing & Demonstration

Morgan Solar has deployed successive generations of the Sun Simba™ CPV module and the Savanna™ dual-axis tracker since 2010.  Our technologies have been tested at sites in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada, and – captured in the photo above – the Mojave Desert, California.

Testing in Ottawa and a portion of the Mojave site is operated under a four-year research partnership (‘APECS’ – Advancing Photovoltaics for Economical Concentrator Systems) with the University of Ottawa SUNLab, a leading research group in Canada focused on high efficiency solar cells and devices.

Our tests sites are also the staging grounds for our outdoor certification efforts.

We’re also now in various stages of project execution for demonstrations of our Savanna™ dual-axis PV tracker deployed with commercial silicon PV modules. These demos will showcase a highly innovative, low cost, high-performance PV tracking platform, and also serve as a record of performance for what will later be an integral component of our easy to install, scalable Sun Simba™ CPV system.

Watch this page for new test and demo site performance data.