Savanna Advantages

Low cost, higher returns

The Savanna™ offers the higher returns of dual-axis tracking without the high costs of traditional tracking platforms. Simple, elegant design features build in low costs across the tracker’s life cycle: frames that pack tightly for shipment; a human-scale form factor that eliminates most of the EPC costs; robust components that require minimal maintenance over a project lifetime; and a low impact, self-ballasted design for cost-effective decommissioning at end-of-life.

Savanna Trackers at Lancaster National Soccer Centre

  Tracking Power Increase

Savanna Power BoostTracking the sun maximizes solar power generation, providing between 30-50% more power compared to untracked panels.

Highest Tracker Yield

Savanna Trackers Shade Avoidance

The Savanna™ tracker’s SMART Shade Avoidance algorithm delivers the biggest boost of any tracking technology on the market. Click here to see the SMART algorithm in action.

 Simple Installation

Simple Savanna Installation Process

Savanna™ trackers require no foundations, no piles and minimal land preparation – in short, no heavy equipment – and come with pre-installed plug-and-play control cabling, resulting in low cost, rapid installations that reduce the duration of construction financing. Click here for a video showing the complete Savanna™ installation process (video length 2m32s).

 User-Friendly Online Monitoring & Control

Savanna Management Centre

The online/mobile accessible Savanna™ Management Centre (SMC) allows owners, operators and service people alike to have full Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to a Savanna™ solar farm at the touch of a button, including tracker performance, weather conditions, panel performance and more.

 Low Operations & Maintenance Costs

Savanna System Maintenance

All modules and trackers controls on a Savanna™ solar farm are easily accessible on foot or by light truck, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Using simple hand tools and the Savanna Management Centre, a Savanna™ can have any part replaced within minutes without significant disruption to the plant’s performance. Combined with “swap in-swap out” components, Savanna™ maintenance can be completed in minutes by semi-skilled workers.

 Land Optimization

Savanna Trackers Field Layout

Our flexible modular design avoids the orientation constraints of single axis trackers and allows for the optimal use of land that easily accommodates irregular land parcels and obstacles, and can even be installed on landfill sights or protected areas where ground penetration and/or grading is prohibited.


Savanna™ Videos

The Savanna™ install video shows three trackers being set up in <45 minutes; the field time-lapse shows full-day operation of an array of trackers, and highlights our unique backtracking algorithm.


Savanna™ PV Specs

Download the Savanna™ Dual-Axis PV Tracker datasheet [Now available].