About Savanna PV

The Savanna™ Tracker is designed for both conventional PV and CPV applications.

Dual-axis PV tracking at exceptionally low costs.

Savanna™ is a completely new approach to dual-axis tracking, based on a simple, human-height, ‘drop-in-place’ frame – a highly modular and repeatable building block easily scaled to any project size. Savanna™ eliminates many of the civil works and construction costs of solar installation, offering the higher returns of tracking, without the higher costs of traditional tracking platforms.

Morgan Solar has multiple patents pending on the Savanna™ tracker technology.

The Savanna™ tracker has been tested in field deployments for over five years and has been proven to pass over 300 years of accelerated life testing, informing our 10 year standard warranty, which can be optionally extended to the lifetime of the installation. With this testing program, combined with iterative design and manufacturing improvements, Morgan Solar has established the supply chain to deliver tens of megawatts of Savanna trackers on short notice, and hundreds of megawatts in the near future. Please see the specification sheet for further technical details.

  • More kWh.

Using a tracking system to position solar panels directly on sun throughout the day boosts project yields. The Savanna™ dual-axis tracking system – which follows both the sun’s daily east-west path, and seasonal changes in its elevation – increases yields by 25 to 40%, depending on location and the available solar resource.

Dual-axis tracking advantages:

  • Increases project yields without having to procure additional PV modules or the associated BOS (Balance of System) components – increasing the total amount of electricity fed to the grid (kWh), without affecting the site’s power rating (kW).
  • Delivers peak power: Generates more power earlier in the day, and during afternoon peak demands, than fixed PV – reducing the need for peaking power plants and, in some jurisdictions, bringing peak rate adders for PV power generated during these periods.
  • Maximizes ROI: Significantly reduces project payback times, and increases the overall return on investment (ROI).
  • Simple, low cost installation.

We’ve engineered Savanna™ for simple, rapid installation, and to require significantly less EPC costs.  A uniformly modular solution and pre-engineered power blocks reduce site design requirements.  The tracker’s unique box frame design and interconnection members between trackers eliminate the need for concrete ballasts and the heavy equipment associated with their installation. Further, Savanna™ is human-scale and can be set up and serviced manually using simple hand tools, without cranes for module installation.

Learn more about the Savanna™ tracker’s unique design approach & installation.

  • A reliable, low O&M solution.

How we achieve low O&M costs:

  • Stringent part qualification protocols, manufacturing inspection and control standards, and pre-shipment testing.
  • A drivetrain designed to require no maintenance over its 25 year lifetime.
  • Durable, steel components that aren’t temperature sensitive, as well as swap-in/ swap-out part functionality for quick, targeted servicing.
  • A human-scale system enables simple, low cost O&M and panel cleaning.

Savanna Applications – an exceptionally versatile, above-ground solution.

The drop-in-place functionality of the Savanna™ tracker allows for uniquely cost-effective deployment opportunities, including:

  • Capped or otherwise reclaimed land where ground penetration is not permitted.
  • Remote areas where roads or other infrastructure aren’t equipped to support the loads of transporting heavy equipment to and from site.

Savanna™ boosts energy yields for PV projects globally – and can be cost-effectively deployed in areas with lower proportions of Direct Normal Irradiance.

Savanna defines the next generation of low cost, high performance PV deployment platforms. Learn more about Savanna advantages, or contact our Business Development Manager for a quote and tailored performance estimate for your project.

Savanna™ Videos

The Savanna™ install video shows three trackers being set up in <45 minutes; the field time-lapse shows full-day operation of an array of trackers, and highlights our unique backtracking algorithm.


Savanna™ PV Specs

Download the Savanna™ Dual-Axis PV Tracker datasheet [Now available].