Our Mission

To make solar energy the most widely used and affordable power source in the world.

Our Vision

To develop and take to market new high concentration solar photovoltaic technologies that achieve unprecedented price and performance levels.

Our Values

  • We believe it’s possible to be an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally-friendly organization without forgoing profitability.
  • We believe the people of this planet don’t need to forgo their quality of life to implement environmentally responsible, sustainable development solutions.
  • The time to invent and implement these solutions is now. The world cannot afford to wait for these new technologies.
  • We believe in fostering a climate of collaboration, cooperation, and in a community-driven approach to solving problems and creating opportunities.

Our Objectives

  • To demonstrate that solar power is no longer an “alternative” energy, but instead that it’s the energy for the future and for today.
  • To continually innovate and introduce major breakthroughs in solar energy.
  • To offer the most attractive return on investment to all stakeholders – our customers, our partners and suppliers, our employees, and our shareholders.
  • To benefit the environment and society at large by delivering clean energy.