Savanna™ field time-lapse video


What’s particularly visible in this video is the Savanna™ tracker’s back-tracking algorithm – a unique, proprietary algorithm that minimizes energy lost due to inter-panel shading, and is optimized for each tracker, each project, and each day. Back-tracking adjusts the panels’ elevation angle according to the sun’s position to avoid shading the panels behind it, reducing overall shading by 4-5%, compared to standard shading conditions. Although this moves the panel slightly away from being exactly perpendicular to the sun, the total power production is greater than when there are partially shaded panels.

Savanna™ install video


Video showing the install of 3 Savanna™ trackers in under 45 minutes – with only hand tools, four workers can install a Savanna™ tracker – which can accommodate over 5 kW of PV panels –  in 10-15 minutes. Our tracker requires no ballasting or foundations, and cables are attached to the frame via cable trays, so site trenching is reduced significantly. By eliminating the civil construction costs from solar, we reduce installation costs while boosting performance, all in an overall low-cost system.

Savanna™ PV Specs

Download the Savanna™ Dual-Axis PV Tracker datasheet [Now available].