We’re not new at this.

But everything we do is.

Morgan Solar



MSI Incorporated, moved into 688 Richmond Street office.



Moved into 30 Ordnance facility


Investor Confidence

Raised $9.2M in Series A investment.


Test Site in California

We established a test site on a parcel of desert land in Littlerock, California to perform a variety of product performance and validation tests in harsh conditions. We filmed our Savanna Time-Lapse and Savanna Install videos at Littlerock.
Project size: 25-75 kW



First Patent

We received our first patent on the Simple Planar Optical Technology which remains the backbone of our current products.


Investor Confidence

Raised $33.3M in Series B investment.


Following the Sun

Began development of Savanna dual axis tracker.


Expanding Operations

Moved into 100 Symes Road facility.


Experimentation and Validation at Toronto Headquarters

We established test sites in the north and south parking lots at our facility which are used for demonstrations, research and development and tours.
Project size: 20 kW
Test Site North


Ibaraki Demonstration Site in Japan with Gigasolar

Gigasolar began testing the Savanna tracker for expanded use in the Japanese market. 25 kW were initialled installed in the Tokyo area to gather comparative data between tracked and fixed position units to provide proof of concept. Outputs have been higher than predicted and as a result, have gained customer confidence. 62 additional kW were added in September 2015.
Project size: 87 kW



Demonstration Site with the Canadian High Commission in India

We were selected by the Canadian government to participate in the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) to accelerate the commercialization of our Savanna dual-axis tracker. A Savanna system was installed at the Canadian High Commission in India.
Project size: 25 kW



Guadalix Demonstration Site in Spain with Iberdrola

We partnered with one of our investors, Iberdrola, one of the largest deployers of renewable energy in the world to install Savanna at their global test in Guadalix, Spain. Validation of system performance will allow Savanna to participate in local competitive bids.
Project size: 12 kW



Pivot to the Urban Utility Market

Morgan Solar was approached by Solar Swing (later Wellsun) in the Netherlands to explore using our translucent solar panels for building integrated applications. Together we developed Lumiduct, a dual glass curtain wall which integrates SPOTlight translucent panels.
Pivot to UU


Commercial Project at Lancaster National Soccer Center

We partnered with the city of Lancaster, California to install 193 kW of Savanna dual-axis trackers next to their soccer center. The system feeds a direct load application by operating the soccer centre’s water pumps. This location also operates as a testing and demonstration site, collecting weather and performance data for detailed analysis.
Project size: 193 kW


SPOTlight Lumiduct Test Prototype at Radboud University Nijmegen

We collaborated with Wellsun and Radboud University to install a proof-of-concept SPOTlight Lumiduct test system at the university campus for performance evaluation.


Kortright Test Site in Northern Ontario

In collaboration with the Kortright Center for Conservation, we are demonstrating a 6-tracker test system which allows for testing Savanna in cold climates.
Project size: 22 kW


Lancaster Area Utility Scale Site

This is our largest Savanna installation to date, with a total of 489 Savanna trackers installed. The dual axis tracking delivers excellent performance yields.
Project size: 1.8 MW



Investor Confidence

Raised $10.5M from new and existing investors.


Abbey Dawn FIT Project in Kingston, Ontario, Canada with UGEI – Endura

This Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) project allowed us to test the limits on working with difficult terrain such as wet and muddy sites. It was a unique experience that demonstrated the flexibility of above ground ballasts that make our Savanna product usable on an otherwise unfeasible site. Monitor this system in real time here.
Project size: 600 kW

Abbey Dawn


Lovell FIT Project in Kingston, Ontario, Canada with UGEI – Endura

This FIT project is maximizing power generation by building to the allowed peak size limit and using the Savanna tracker for the highest performance yields. Monitor this system in real time here.
Project size: 600 kW



SPOTlight Licensing Deal and Joint Venture with Wellsun

We signed a deal to license SPOTlight to Wellsun for use in Lumiduct. Morgan Solar gained substantial ownership of Wellsun, and together we are focused on moving Lumiduct to market.


Kalandar FIT Project in Kingston, Ontario, Canada with UGEI – Endura

With a growing number of proven installation and operational successes in Ontario, Savanna proved to be ideal for FIT projects in the province. Monitor this system in real time here.
Project size: 300 kW



Commercial Demonstration of SPOTlight Lumiduct at Mondial Movers

A full size SPOTlight Lumiduct demonstration system was installed on the facade of Mondial Movers in Rotterdam. The installation has been enthusiastically received by the client, and encouragingly generated a barrage of media attention and interest from customers, and Wellsun has won several innovation and design awards.
Project size: 40 m2



Licensing Deal with Silfab Solar

We partnered with Silfab Solar, North America’s largest solar panel manufacturer, to develop and license the SimbaX technology and disrupt the cost of conventional PV panels.


Agro-Solar Proof-of-Concept in Japan with Gigasolar

The city of Setouchi in Okayama prefecture, Japan installed three demonstration arrays in Ushimado and Osafune as a first phase ahead of developing an ambitious plan for solar electrification of the region. The second phase is to install 20 MW of new capacity. These installations are an excellent demonstration of the flexibility enabled by Savanna to use oddly shaped parcels of land and tight spaces in general.
Project size: 140 kW



Facade PV Performance Testing at National Research Council of Canada Daylighting Lab

Morgan Solar collaborated with NRC to conduct a performance test of a facade PV array installed at NRC’s Daylighting Lab in Ottawa. The array consisted of PV and optical slats designed and made by Morgan Solar installed in front of windows. The test involved measuring energy performance and comparing heat and glare in two office environments. The control room featured a fabric roller blind. After adding lighting, HVAC energy and solar generation, the test room used 75% less energy compared to the control room!



SimbaX Bifacial Solar Panels Installed at University of Ottawa’s Sunlab

Morgan Solar is participating in the University of Ottawa’s three-year ASPIRE project, trialing two-axis tracked bifacial solar panels at high latitudes. The solar panels feature Morgan Solar’s SimbaX technology to enhance energy performance and are made by manufacturing partner Silfab Solar.



SPOTlight Solar Pergola Installed at Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) recently renovated its Toronto headquarters to achieve zero net carbon in a project that highlights the competing demands for sunlight in high-performance buildings. To showcase their commitment to sustainability, Morgan Solar designed a 200-m2 customized SPOTlight Solar Pergola to generate 40,000 kWh annually, block most of the heat and glare from the sun throughout the year and maintain a view of the sky. Read more here.