Tracking the sun should be easy.


Brings sustainable power to remote and challenging locations.


Intelligent controls orient solar panels to face the sun all day, through all seasons.


Dual axis tracking yields up to 40% more energy generation over fixed rack systems.

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One (1)

Boosted Energy Generation

  • Tracking the sun yields up to 40% greater energy generation compared to fixed tilt racking.
  • Increased energy density per area allows for a smaller sized field, saving on equipment costs.
  • Dual axis tracking is ideal for powering a direct load, such as pumping water or charging a battery, since the power generation is so even.
  • The controls allow you to easily shed snow and improve capacity during winter months.
Two (2)

Human Sized

  • The modular, human-sized system is quickly and easily installed and maintained in the field. It’s ideal for remote communities and micro-grids, just a few hand tools, a ballast block, pounded pile or ground screw, and some hard work.
  • Each freestanding armature can accommodate up to four solar panels.
Three (3)

Flexible Placement, Space Optimization, or Dual Land Use

  • Flexible placement means you can optimize energy production to meet irregular sizes and accommodate challenging terrain. It’s ideal for use in agricultural projects!
  • In addition to power generation, you can strategically place the units so that they shade crops and help improve harvest yields.

The freestanding Savanna PV tracker is a great solution for farming that gives the operator control over both shade and sun.