The lowest cost or highest efficiency panel, it’s your choice.

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SimbaX concentrates light to reduce silicon cells in solar panels, reduce cost, boost energy, or expand production.

The price of solar has dropped in a short period of time. Many panel manufacturers have faced challenges and had to suspend production or even close operations. SimbaX is the answer to these problems.

SimbaX leverages Morgan Solar’s SPOT backsheet to reduce silicon cells in utility solar modules.

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One (1)

Boost energy or reduce cells. SimbaX leverages the SPOT platform to reduce silicon cells in utility solar panels, reduce cost, or boost energy generation.

Two (2)

Easily adaptable. Integrates into existing production equipment at minimal cost and easily customizable to provide specific value to customers.

Three (3)

Greater return on investment. With the SPOT platform in SimbaX, you can leverage the same supply of silicon cells to expand a facility’s production capacity and produce more solar panels.



Morgan Solar is collaborating with Silfab Solar as a manufacturing partner for SimbaX.