Sun Studio

Use sunlight to your advantage.


Model and optimize sunlight management strategies in complex urban environments.


Perform comprehensive shade analysis with hourly resolution throughout the year.


Design and compare strategies to manage solar resources, heat gain, glare and PV performance.

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One (1)

Realize the Full Solar Potential

        • Analyze and compare the performance of different light management technologies.
        • Explore conceptual designs and the interaction with surroundings.
        • Visualize shade dynamically.
        • Identify regions of high irradiance.
Two (2)

Add Value to Your Project

        • Design strategies to generate electricity, provide shading and reduce operating costs.
        • Reduce solar heat gain and glare to improve human comfort and wellness.
Three (3)

Powerful Analysis Tools for All Projects

        • New builds and retrofits.
        • Interior and exterior applications.

Use sunlight to your advantage. We can help identify what matters to you, and then work with you do develop customized proposal.