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    slide_1Sun Simba™ CPV systems – the next generation of highly efficient, low cost solar energy generation.

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    The Sun Simba™ module is the thinnest, lightest, lowest cost CPV module ever.

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    The Savanna™ PV tracker – rapid, low cost installation, and ultra-low cost O&M.

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    A field of interconnected trackers form a robust, wind-resistant web.

Morgan Solar Has Reinvented Solar Technology

We’ve developed the revolutionary Sun Simba Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) module and Savanna dual-axis tracker - two solar energy technologies that fundamentally change the economics of solar power.

Our next generation Sun Simba™ CPV module is the first to concentrate sunlight in a planar direction, enabling an ultra-thin module that generates industry-leading energy yields, at unprecedented low costs. We've also reinvented the way solar energy is deployed with the self-ballasted Savanna™ tracker, a human-scale tracking system set up and serviced manually with simple hand tools – no concrete foundations to pour, and no cranes or other heavy lifting equipment required.

We have a number of other solar energy generation and delivery technologies in the pipeline – all working towards our goal to make solar energy the world’s most widely used and affordable energy source.

Savanna™ Videos

The Savanna™ install video shows three trackers being set up in <45 minutes; the field time-lapse shows full-day operation of an array of trackers, and highlights our unique backtracking algorithm.


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