We collaborate to create products that don’t exist yet.


Wellsun has a vision that sustainable buildings should be elegant. Together we developed Lumiduct, and new kind of glass facade enabled by SPOTlight. Lumiduct makes livable, transparent and energy generating buildings a reality. Together, we are redefining the urban environment.



Enbridge is North America's premier energy infrastructure company and a firm supporter of renewable energy and Canadian innovation. Enbridge recognized Morgan Solar’s vision, invested in the company and is a member of our board of directors. Enbridge and Morgan Solar are co-developing Alberta Solar One, a utility solar project located near Burdett, AB.


Red Deer College

Red Deer College is rapidly transforming into a hub of cleantech and sustainable professional skills in central Alberta. We are partnering with Red Deer College to test and showcase our technology on their campus, and help develop a cleantech curriculum. A SPOTlight Lumiduct demonstration system is being installed at the new Alternative Energy Lab.


Silfab Solar

Silfab is the largest manufacturer of premium solar panels in North America. Located in Mississauga, we are partnering to develop and mass produce the SimbaX low concentrating panel technology.



Iberdrola is a global energy utility company and the world’s largest deployer of new renewable energy. Iberdrola invested in Morgan Solar through its corporate venture capital arm Iberdrola Ventures Perseo and is a member of our board of directors with a specific interest in our technology for use in its solar projects.


Building Energy and Innovation Council

Building Energy and Innovation Council Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions is the largest property manager in Canada and a global leader in sustainable buildings. Brookfield invited us to co-found the Building Energy Innovation Council, an organization dedicated to advancing the proliferation of low carbon buildings, because our translucent SPOTlight platform is augmenting and transforming the urban environment.