About Us

Founded: June, 2007
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Employees: >60

Morgan Solar is a technology company founded in 2007 with the goal of making unsubsidized solar energy competitive with traditional sources of generation. In this pursuit, we’ve pioneered an entirely new approach to the design and manufacture of solar modules and Balance of System (BOS) components. The result is market-disruptive products that will lead the industry in efficiency, durability, and low cost.

Our flagship product is the Sun Simba™, a product that represents a new category of solar panel. Sun Simba™ replaces the silicon solar cells of conventional solar panels with advanced optics for capturing sunlight and extremely efficient, multi-junction solar cells for converting that sunlight to electricity.  This allows us to create a solar panel that is greater than 30% efficient – with a roadmap to over 40% efficient – compared to 15-16% efficiency for regular solar panels.  Additionally, Sun Simba™ will be a fraction of the cost of conventional solar panels.

We have also invented a new kind of solar tracker, Savanna™, a foundation-free solar technology that can be set up in the field in minutes with only semi-skilled manual labour.  Removing a concrete foundation simplifies setup of a solar farm, and Savanna requires no heavy machinery and no civil construction to install. When Savanna is combined with Sun Simba it will provide the highest energy yields, in terms of kilowatt-hours per acre, of any solar technology on the market.  Savanna is currently being sold around the world, and we have customers in Japan, India, USA, Mexico, Spain and Canada using Savanna trackers with conventional solar panels.  Savanna is already being produced and installed at utility scale, and provides customers with boosts of up to 40% in terms of energy yields for solar farms.

We have a number of other patent-pending solar PV and illumination technologies in the pipeline, all combining highly innovative non-imaging optics and advanced engineering designs with established manufacturing processes, many borrowed from decades of cost reductions in the automotive sector.

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